Covid-19 Travel Update

Dear All,

We’re sending out this newsletter regarding the coronavirus situation and the impact on travel and our tours.

On Saturday 4 April, the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office updated their guidance, advising against all but essential international travel for the indefinite future. Therefore, it’s highly unlikely there will be unrestricted travel across Europe this summer.

Accordingly, we have suspended our tour programme for 2020.

Like everyone, we are hopeful that in time the crisis will be resolved, and our intention is to resume tours as normal next year when we’ll be running our usual schedule of tours in the UK, Europe and North Africa. We have contacted all of the customers who were due to travel with us this year and we’re pleased to say that virtually all have decided to postpone their trips and will be travelling with us in 2021. Jo and I would also like to thank those who have sent messages of support.

Meanwhile, during this closed season, we continue to work on developing new tours both abroad and in the UK. Prior to restrictions, we had already completed several recce trips and we are now working on the detail with further research on challenging tracks and trails, first class campsites and attractions en route.

Once restrictions are lifted, we’ll be hitting the road and we look forward to travelling with you again.

For now, stay home and look after yourselves,

Peter & Jo

Here’s our proposed schedule for 2021. If you have any queries or would like further information, please do not hesitate to contact us:

2021 Schedule
Wessex Wander 13 - 14 March
Morocco - Classic 4 - 17 April
Portugal 1 - 14 May
Portugal 15 – 29 May
Corsica 21 June – 1 July
Wessex Wander 17 – 18 July
Italian Alps 31 July - 14 August
Wessex Wander 4 - 5 September
Morocco - Classic 13 – 27 September
Morocco – Grand 30 September - 13 Oct
Wessex Wander 6 - 7 November


Here’s to returning soon, but for now, keep your distance!


Check out our website for more details