May 2018 Newsletter

Our 2018 season is well underway. We were proud to be involved in the Driven To Extremes Morocco Challenge in April. You can read all about it below.

Just now we’re about to head off on our first European tour of the year to Corsica. If you’d like to join one of our tours you’ll find our schedule for 2018 and 2019 below. Remember, we specialise in small groups so book early!

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Driven To Extremes

Morocco Challenge 2018

This year, we were proud to be invited to support and guide the Driven To Extremes challenge to Morocco. We’ve spent many years organizing and leading overland tours to Morocco and usually our customers are driving a range of expedition-prepared 4x4s but this trip was rather different.

The aim the organization is to raise awareness of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and this expedition was to provide a challenge for nine military veterans, all sufferers of PTSD. The mission was to drive the old Paris-Dakar rally piste - in Citroen Berlingos…

Most 4x4s will cope well enough in the Sahara but could it be done with a bunch of 2 wheel drive, non-turbo, 1.9 diesel powered, road-tyred, 16 year old cars with more miles on the clock than the Millennium Falcon?

Of course it could! But only with a load of guts and determination from the team of veterans who pushed, pulled, dug, swore and drove like demons on rock strewn tracks, across dry lake beds and through soft, soft sand dunes.

Ably supported by the Driven To Extremes team, all 9 veterans and all 6 cars made it safely back to mainland Europe. The cars - fairly beaten and bent, the veterans - unbroken and on a real high. The plan now is for the veterans to join the Driven To Extremes support crew and help to provide future driving challenges for PTSD sufferers.

To find out more, contact Mac Mackenney


2018 & 2019 Tour Schedule

As usual, we've got a wide range of destinations for next season, from UK off-road weekends to continental tracks and trails, and overland expeditions to North Africa and up to Scandinavia.


Corsica 24 May - 2 June
Corsica 4 - 14 June
Wessex Wander 23 - 24 June
Scandinavia 30 June - 15 July
Italian Alps 4 - 18 August
Portugal 25 August - 8 Sept
Wessex Wander 8 - 9 September
Morocco - Grand 1 - 14 October
Wessex Wander 6 - 7 October
Wessex Wander 10 - 11 November


Wessex Wander 16 - 17 March
Morocco - Classic 6 - 18 April
Wessex Wander 4 - 5 May
Corsica 3 - 13 June
Scandinavia 22 June - 7 July
Italian Alps 3 - 17 August
Portugal 24 Aug - 7 Sept
Wessex Wander 14 - 15 September
Morocco - Grand 30 Sept - 13 Oct
Wessex Wander 9 - 10 November

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