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Hello adventurers!

Well, it’s great to be out in the world again. It’s been a year since travel restrictions were lifted. We hit the ground running and squeezed 12 tours into 2022. Jo and I will be taking it a little easier this year with some independent travel and other projects before returning to Morocco in September.

The first 20 years… I did my first 4x4 tour of Morocco in 2003, since then, we’ve led and organised tours in Tunisia, Libya, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Spain, Andorra, France, Portugal, Italy and the UK.

Added up the mileages on the various expedition vehicles that we’ve used, (OK, some of that would be the odd supermarket run but the vast majority were tour miles). The total? More than 460,000 miles. All the way to the moon and halfway back or 18 times around the world.

We’ve organised mostly 4x4 adventures but also motorcycle off-road tours, classic car and banger rallies. Lost count of the number of tours, but it must be in the hundreds. Most of all, we’ve had the great privilege of travelling with a whole host of adventurers, many are now great friends who we’re looking forward to travelling with again soon.

Let’s see where 2023 takes us…

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