Pyrenees Trip Kit List

Personal Gear - Camping:

Roof tent or ground tent, there are good reasons for either

Sleeping bag & pillow
Good quality 3/4 season bag

For ground tents, Thermarest or airbed - comfy and pack small

Cooker & Cooker Fuel
Personal preference - Camping Gaz is widely available
Cutlery & Crockery - a small Thermos is handy
Washing up bowl etc. Ortlieb folding bowl - strong and pack small
Wash Kit
Please note that due to the fire risk in the summer open fires are not permitted in most areas.

Water (20L capacity)
Bottled water is good and widely available

You may want to stock up on you favourites from home. There are plenty of opportunities to shop for local produce en route. Please ensure you are self-sufficient for up to 3 days.

Personal Gear - Clothing:

There is a vast array of quality expedition clothing available at most good outdoor shops. Modern technical fabrics are excellent, providing warmth, comfort, breathability, etc. Layering is the best principle. Do be aware of other cultures by not wearing shorts and tops that are too revealing. Long sleeved shirts and loose fitting trousers are ideal when the sun is very hot. Don't forget a hat and sunglasses, and always wear sun-screen. You'll need a fleece as it can get very cold in the mountains at night. Stash a waterproof coat in your vehicle in case of rain. Good trekking shoes are best during the day with a pair of sandals to change into for the campsite. Remember swimming gear.


Please ensure your vehicle is in sound mechanical condition before you depart on the trip. If possible have it serviced and thoroughly inspected to ensure everything is in order. This list is only a guide. As I am sure you can appreciate I am not able to carry spares to cover every model so please bring what you feel may be necessary. Further advice is available on request.

Auxiliary Drive Belts
Coolant Hoses
All Oils
Tool kit
Fire extinguisher x 2
Bulb Kit
Warning Triangle x 2
Headlight Beam Deflectors
Tow Rope
Jerry Cans
Hi-Vis vest
Spare Keys

Any other items you feel are relevant to your vehicle.

Defender/Discovery drivers should consider the following:

Universal Joints x 2
Wheel Bearings x 2
Hub Seals x 2
Diff Seal
Pinion Seal
Repair Kits for Brake & Clutch Cylinders