Pyrenees Tour

The Spanish Pyreneean mountain range runs between the Atlantic in the West and the Mediterranean in the East and just as these two coasts differ enormously, the scenery along the way alters dramatically too.

Our trip crosses this incredible range of mountains and takes you through some of the most fascinating scenery Europe has to offer. This is a 14 day camping trip and because of the diversity of the terrain we will be crossing, we will be moving on most days. We would never forget the need for free time and relaxation, however, and there will be time off to explore on your own, sit by the swimming pool or take part in some of the numerous activities on offer, eg quad biking, horse riding, white water rafting, mountain biking etc.

Our tour begins in the gently rolling hillsides of the Basque country. Lush green valleys dotted with pretty white villages, each providing the opportunity to sample the delicious local specialities. The majority of our tracks are on the Spanish side of the border between France and Spain which criss-crosses the length of the Pyrenees. We do however follow various routes into France and Andorra using old smugglers and trade routes, many hundreds of years old. The amount and level of off-roading is quite high and we will be using off-road tracks as much as possible most days to achieve our destination - sometimes for up to 5-6 hours. The terrain is very varied from lush forest and muddy lanes to rocky tracks and sandy pistes. If you don't like the idea of a dirty car, this is not the trip for you.

The dramatic scenery continues as we travel ever eastwards towards the sea. Our final route ends on the shore of the Mediterranean, where we are based for a couple of days to swim, sunbathe and chill out. This tour is best summarised as a mini-expedition through breathtaking scenery with outstanding and plentiful off-roading.

Kit List

Due to the distances involved in this trip it is imperative that your vehicle is well prepared. Whilst it is not an exhaustive inventory, we have provided a kit list as a basic guide.

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A few sensible precautions will save a lot of anxiety should you fall ill abroad. Please review our list of precautions and medical supplies you should take on your expedition.

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