The Alps

Family Fun in The Mountains

Our Alpine trip offers spectacular off-roading on a tour through France and Italy. Our routes pass through regions which are ski resorts in the winter, but quiet and sunny during the summer, catering for a wide variety of outdoor pursuits. This family-oriented holiday starts at the port of Calais and heads south towards the French Alps. The off-roading starts almost as soon as we arrive but the option for pure relaxation is always there. 

Once we arrive in the Alps we stay on each of our campsites for a minimum of two nights so those with ground tents do not have to strike camp each day. All of our campsites have modern facilities some with pools, bars and restaurants to make your stay more relaxing. 

Our first campsite nestles below the ski resort of Alpe de Huez and we'll be exploring the high level pastoral routes running between the Alpine villages. 

We'll be taking in a bit of tarmac but don't despair this is the Route Des Grandes Alpes and climbs over some of the highest alpine passes between soaring snow clad peaks and vast glaciers.

Our route into Italy from France will take us over one of the oldest trade routes between the two countries. We will spend  several days in the Susa valley to explore the network of high level military tracks built to link a range of now disused forts. 

Whilst in Italy we'll be driving one of Europe's highest tracks up to the famous Sommeiller Glacier at 10,000 feet. Much more than mere green lanes, these routes cover miles and miles of high altitude mountain tracks and breathtaking panoramas open up at every turn. 

From Italy we head back to France for a few days to our base near Val d'Isere.  Whilst in this area, we can offer adventurous outdoor activities such as white-water rafting and paragliding and we end our tour off-roading among the green rolling hills in the Savoie region.

Spectacular views and great off-roading are guaranteed!

Kit List

Due to the distances involved in this trip it is imperative that your vehicle is well prepared. Whilst it is not an exhaustive inventory, we have provided a kit list as a basic guide.

Vehicle Preparation

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Health & Hygiene

A few sensible precautions will save a lot of anxiety should you fall ill abroad. Please review our list of precautions and medical supplies you should take on your expedition.

Terms & Conditions

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