The Arctic Circle

Our Arctic Circle tour visits one of the most spectacular regions of Europe. We will cross the Arctic Circle and then travel a further 1500km north to Nordkapp, the most northerly point accessible by car on mainland Europe. This tour travels through some of the most beautiful areas on earth and is an unforgettable experience.

Our tour begins at Dover with a hop across the channel. From here we travel through France Belgium and Holland and take a quick ferry from Germany to Denmark. Once in Scandinavia we'll be crossing into Sweden by the Oresund bridge - one of the world's longest. Our route then heads north hugging the coastline and we'll pass through the Norwegian capital, Oslo. Our driving days are relaxed and we'll spend time exploring other cities such as Trondheim, Tromso, Stockholm and Copenhagen.

All of our Scandinavian campsites are family-run with excellent facilities and a warm welcome is assured.

We will take two or three days to reach the Polar Circle, where we join the Arctic Highway one of the world's greatest roads, crossing fjords with spectacular bridges, and tunneling through huge mountainsides. For over 1500km, the highway follows the fjords and coastline in the Land of the Midnight Sun, with the eerie beauty of 24 hour daylight. The terrain varies, but waterfalls and reindeer are constantly nearby. From time to time we will take detours from the main highway using the excellent ferry network to explore further afield.

Our ultimate destination is Nordkapp. Here the road ends on an awesome promontory at the top of 1000ft high sea cliffs. At this point we are less than twenty degrees from the North Pole. We aim to reach this point in time for the Summer solstice. The sun never sets and if we're lucky with the weather we'll experience clear blue skies all night long.

Our return journey south will allow us to briefly experience Finland and then follow the Swedish coastline down to Stockholm where a boat tour of the city is not to be missed. Our final visit is a brief tour of Copenhagen before catching our return ferry to the UK.

Kit List

As with all of our tours, the weather is a major consideration. Summer temperatures are around 10-15 degrees Centigrade. But be prepared with some warm and waterproof clothing and 3/4 season sleeping bags.

Due to the distances involved in this trip it is imperative that your vehicle is well prepared. Whilst it is not an exhaustive inventory, we have provided a kit list as a basic guide.

Food is fairly expensive in Norway and alcohol especially so. Fuel prices vary, but typically 10% more than in the UK.

Vehicle Preparation

Read our section on vehicle preparation

Health & Hygiene

A few sensible precautions will save a lot of anxiety should you fall ill abroad. Please review our list of precautions and medical supplies you should take on your expedition.

Terms & Conditions

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